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Git in One Hour

Presented by Scott Chacon, Git Evangelist

In this webcast, Git evangelist Scott Chacon covers the basics of the Git source control system. He’ll introduce the audience to Git basics: staging and committing snapshots, viewing the commit log, pushing to and pulling from servers, and creating, switching between, and merging branches.
Finally he’ll quickly cover a few more advanced features – code annotation, advanced log options and possibly more, time permitting.

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Webinar Axigen: High Availability for SMB

16 iulie 2008 – mai aveți încă timp să participați la un webinar foarte interesant ce va fi prezentat de Ciprian Negrilă, Axigen Technical Consultant.

High Availability for SMB;
Clustering for Extended Setups

Webinar Axigen

The presentation will acquaint IT professionals with the architecture of High Availability scenarios for SMBs, introducing a cost effective solution based on an Axigen and Hartbeat (open source) integration. We will explain the benefits and advantages, as well as the potential issues generated by such an integration.

Subsequently, we will introduce a complete High Availability solution, targeting larger and more complex setups, based on Axigen’s integration with RedHat Clustering System. Additionally to presenting benefits, advantages and potential issues of the Axigen – RHCS integration, a comparative analysis of the two clustering solutions will be performed.

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