Recently I’ve bought RoadSync for my Nokia E71 “shovel”.
After a few bumps due to a broken memory card, I have purchased a KingMax/8GB microSDHC and reinstalled the application.

Having the excellent Email/PIM Push Addon installed on my AXIGEN server, my emails are getting almost instantly into my E71.
RoadSync’s synchronization works great (althought I have tried a lot, I could not get the free M4E Nokia application to work).

RoadSync Pros:

  • it works!
  • ease of installation: just a few phone keys tapping and ready
  • you can watch the log-file in real time, for error and debugging
  • two levels of logging (less details if all works ok)
  • you can get just a small amount of the message, starting from just the headers and finishing with the whole message;
  • you can switch the carrier on-the-go, without entering in the ugly setup screens;


  • I could not select more folders from my mailbox (default is Inbox, with extra option for Spam folder)
  • I do not like the yellow Roadsync wallpaper