Imagine if you could personally welcome every visitor to your website, answer their questions, promote your products, and guide them towards either making a purchase or leaving their contact information. Now imagine if you could try this level of 24/7 marketing free for 15 days.

Hangar Hosting is pleased to offer its customers access to SitePal. SitePal is an award-winning, web-based application that allows you to create animated speaking characters that act like virtual employees on your website.

  • Create & Customize characters to your liking
  • Add audio through record-by-phone or text-to-speech functionality
  • Publish characters to your website within minutes
  • No technical experience is required and characters can be changed whenever you want. A SitePal virtual employee is a proven way to enhance customer experience and increase conversions, site-stickiness and click-thrus. It’s easy to understand why over 10,000 small and medium businesses are already using SitePal.

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