… de fapt un harvester. Ăsta e un robot care cauta adrese de email pe paginile de internet şi le recoltează într-o bază de date.

Ce am făcut eu a fost să donez un subdomeniu valid proiectului Honey Pot, subdomeniu folosit exclusiv pentru adrese de email de momeală.

Azi a dat roade:

Stefaniu —
Regardless of how the rest of your day goes, here’s something to be happy about — today one of your donated MXs helped to identify a previously unknown email harvester (IP: The harvester was caught a spam trap email address created with your donated MX:


You can find information about your newly identified harvester here:


Don’t forget to tell your friends you made the Internet a little better today. You can refer them to Project Honey Pot directly from our website:


You’ve chosen to receive this message every time one of your honey pots or donated MXs helps identify a new harvester. We don’t blame you, we’re constantly checking in to see what we’ve caught. However, if you’re sick of these messages, you can turn them off by visiting your settings page:


Thanks from the entire Project Honey Pot team and, we’re sure if they knew, from the Internet community as a whole.

În concluzie: treceţi pe la Honey Pot, că merită.